Central Virginia jeweler inspires a return to the one thing that really matters in life—love.

Lynchburg, Virginia, June 7, 2016— In the stress and chaos of today’s life it  is easy to lose sight of what gives our lives meanings and brings us happiness. Love is the one thing that gives life true meaning, and love is the inspiration for Bowen Jewelry Company’s new campaign “We Believe in Love.”

“Love is at the heart of everything we do at Bowen Jewelry Company. Not only are we expert jewelers and gemologists,” said Brian Bowen Jr., “but we are honored to help you find the ring that expresses your love—and commemorates the most important milestones in your life.”

Bowen Jewelry Company opened its doors in 1933. For four generations the Bowen family has been serving and sharing the families’ of Lynchburg most precious moments. “Our commitment to our customers and community is equally as important as our commitment to quality and excellence.”

Bowen Jewelry specializes in fine jewelry—gemstones, platinum, gold, and silver. From everyday jewelry, to that very special engagement rings, to wedding rings and everything in-between. Customers can choose from the expansive selection of showroom designs or estate pieces.  Or they can work with a gemologist and master jeweler to select the perfect stones and materials and let our designers and craftsmen create a custom one of a kind jewelry design.

While there are many ways to express love, the gift of fine jewelry is a timeless expression of adoration and commitment. The jewelry selected today can be passed down through the generations as family heirlooms—and cherished mementos.

“We chose ‘We Believe in Love’ as a reminder to take a step back, and appreciate the magic in everyday moments. We encourage you to express your love, not only through the gift of fine jewelry—but by taking the time to let those you love know you care.”

Bowen Jewelry is located at 829 Main Street in Lynchburg, Virginia. Stop by online at http://bowenjewelry.com/ or in-person to view their love-inspired line of fine jewelry.

Website: http://bowenjewelry.com/
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