Any professional or aspiring boxer knows that their hands are their prized possession so having strong hands and the ability to make articulated and precise movements is crucial. Hand strength is something that boxers can actually work on outside of the ring.

Boxers are known for having an intense and strict training schedule but what many don’t know is that they continue to work on their craft outside of the ring by using hand strengthening tools such as hand grippers.

Hand grippers are a small compact tool that targets the small muscles and tendons in your fingers, hands and forearms. These are all crucial muscle groups for boxing and many other sports. Hand grips have two handles connected by a spring. By holding the two handles in the palm of your hand you can then squeeze the device to bring the two handles together isolating the desired muscles that contribute to your hand grip strength and power.

For the best results athletes who need a strong grip and good hand control need to use hand grips that have a high level resistance. A recent product released on the amazon market; Supreme Squeeze provides a strong level of resistance perfect for athletes such as boxers.

To achieve optimal results boxers follow a regular training plan specifically for their hand strength. Many will use hand strengtheners on a daily basis doing several reps using different grip styles and isolating different fingers.

Improving and also maintaining hand strength and dexterity is a vital yet easily overlooked area in any athletes training regime. For a fast, effective and affordable solution we recommend trying hand grips such a Supreme Squeeze.