Mobile, Wireless STEM Lab That Fits In Your Hand To Be Unveiled At ISTE

Belfair, WA (July 08, 2015) -- BOXLIGHT, a global leader in developing and manufacturing award winning projectors, interactive flat panels, and classroom solutions, has launched Labdisc. a data-logging, all-in-one, wireless STEM lab that fits in the palm of a student’s hand. The new science learning system was unveiled for thousands of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) educators last week at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Philadelphia.

Labdisc by BOXLIGHT:

Labdisc is a wireless, compact, science data logging solution designed for use in K-12. It’s the worlds first solution in its class, with up to 14 built-in sensors in each compact device. The Labdisc uses Bluetooth communication between the data logger and the computer or tablet, with a single wireless transmission for up to 14 sensors, reducing radio interference and eliminating the need for costly transmitters built into every sensor.

Labdisc's large number of high quality sensors opens the door for inquiry-based learning in variety of science fields, including: biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and geography. Unique features include the GPS probe that harnesses GPS to plot sensor values as a layer over a Google map.

Labdisc’s built-in sensors eliminate the common teacher’s headache of managing cords, probes, and other testing equipment, saving educators up to 90 minutes of setup time each day. The Labdisc’s internal microprocessor automatically calibrates and tests all the built-in sensors to a known reference, so educators can focus on science concepts rather than equipment setup and calibration. Features such as display, keypad, memory and a very long battery life make stand-alone data collection possible without the need for computer investments. Accounting for efficiency, student engagement and cost-savings, Labdisc provides the most advantageous solution available today for science educators.

Labdisc comes with extraordinary software that children love and teachers are able to start using immediately. Elementary school students bring their Labdisc data to life with the captivating GlobiWorld, where seven scientific theme parks and interactive labs can be explored with multiple data formats, analysis tools, science trivia and biographies of famous scientists. GlobiLab for middle to high school science students incorporates sophisticated data analysis, lab-reporting tools, plus wireless communication for full setup and control of the Labdisc and built-in sensors. GlobiLab software also integrates GPS data logging, plotting real data over a Google maps.

Labdisc was first launched in international markets by Globisens at the British Educational Technology Tradeshow (BETT) in 2012, and the reception was overwhelming. Today, hundreds of thousands of children around the world use Labdisc for science education. BOXLIGHT is the sole distributor for Labdisc to K12 educators in the United States.  

For a 90 second video which overviews Labdisc, visit

BOXLIGHT Interactive Classroom Solutions

Labdisc is part of BOXLIGHT’s new Interactive Classroom Solutions: designed to blend easily with existing classrooms and technologies, while providing real-time assessment and a broad range of device integration. Carefully integrated to foster immersive, hands-on, collaborative learning environments, BOXLIGHT’s solutions begin with patented, award-winning interactive projectors and displays. Its wide range of spring-tensioned wall mounts and motorized height-adjustable stands bring those displays to life, with the mobility and adaptability modern classrooms demand.

Options for sound, assessment, STEM and hands-on learning curriculum all come together with Oktopus, BOXLIGHT’s integrated classroom software. Oktopus allows teachers to easily poll their students on just about any mobile device with a one-click collaboration session. Lessons and questions can be created on-the-fly and converted digitally through embedded handwriting recognition and then sent to the students devices with the touch of one icon. Best of all, BOXLIGHT’s Integrated Classroom Software lets teachers work with the flipcharts, lesson plans and other materials they already use.

BOXLIGHT has been developing and manufacturing award winning projectors, interactive technology and providing complete classroom solutions since its inception in 1985. We pride ourselves in offering industry leading technical support and ISF Certified® service available 24 hours / 7 days per week / 365 days per year — for the lifetime of the product.

BOXLIGHT’s ability to respond to customer needs allows for personalized service and an unbeatable relationship with partners and customers. BOXLIGHT is able to build products to specification or customize product on an individual basis.

BOXLIGHT operations encompass sales in the United States and worldwide. Headquarters are located in Belfair, Washington with offices in Lawrenceville, GA, Mexico City, Taiwan and China. BOXLIGHT products and services are available on-line or by calling 360.464.2119.

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