With the fast development of science and technology, transports have been updated with each passing day. Since electric self-balancing scooters flood into the market, they become the love of many young people. More importantly, self-balancing scooter sector has formed a big market scale within several years. However, traditional electric self-balancing scooters have many limitations. For example, long-time riding makes people exhausted because of standing-posture mode. Small battery capacity makes long-distance ellewiith trip impossible. Therefore, the main role played by traditional electric scooters is short-distance alternative.

The birth of Airwheel A3 has overthrown the old form of traditional electric self-balancing scooters and has manifested conceptual high-tech transport with brand-new design idea. Then, electric self-balancing scooters get a chance to enter mainstream transport market.

Sitting-posture riding mode is the glitziest technological breakthrough. The previous standing-posture riding makes riders fatigued easily, which largely hinders the long-distance travel. The fitted comfortable saddle guarantees a relaxing trip. Previously, many elderly people can’t accept electric self-balancing scooters and the main reason is the strange standing-posture riding mode. Comparatively speaking, they prefer to ride bicycle. With the appearance of Airwheel A3, the elderly has become important potential consumers.

Electronic brake system is a design highlight and Airwheel adopts it for the first time. The consumer base of electric self-balancing scooter sector is expanding slowly, which mainly thanks to the safety worries from consumers. After all, no confidence towards product’s safety will reduce the purchasing desire greatly. During the riding process, riders can press the brake button once emergency happens. Then, the system will offer a quick and strong brake with 50mm stopping distance. Meanwhile, when the scooter is braking, rider’s feet can touch the ground. Besides, the adopted hydraulic suspension system and automatic steering sensor system also improve the riding safety of Airwheel A3.

All in all, Airwheel A3, as a brand-new product, has taken in many new elements, including saddle, brake system, steering wheel, shock absorber and related APP. Briefly speaking, Airwheel always takes consumers into full consideration.

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