Brandy and rum are two popular spirits that people tend to confuse. If you are not sure which one will make the best choice for a crazy party or for a lazy afternoon spent with alcohol steam, read on this cocktail chemistry lesson. By the end of it, you will know pretty much everything there is to know about cocktail recipes based on these two ingredients.


Let us begin by drawing the line between these beverages and showing what they really are. It would help you to know that the name of brandy is a short form coming from brandywine. As its name suggests, the product is distilled from wine, from grapes or from other juices made of fruits. Mostly recommended to be consumed after dinner, the alcohol levels in this drink can vary from 35% to 60%.


Rum on the other hand, is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation and fermentation of sugarcane based products. Molasses and sugarcane juices make a common base, yet there are other options as well. Apart from the manufacturing process, this drink requires aging before it reaches perfection. Depending on the country of origin, it should have a minimum alcohol content of 40% - 50%. Rum is very popular for parties in general.


In the end, it turns out that they make two different choices that come from two different parts of the world. Even so, cocktail specialists and famous bartenders from around the world agree that the two of them should be seen as best friends! Manufacturers have specialized themselves in this direction to the point where they can provide different types, featured as light, gold, dark, spiced, flavored, overproof and premium beverages!


If you are looking for their traditional side, you will discover how both of them make a basic ingredient for the famous eggnog recipe. When you use brandy, you get a perfectly balanced eggnog with a tender touch of sweetness and a lively flavor that makes you melt down. When you use rum, you get a wide palette of sensations from a subtle flavor to a more pronounced taste through the backend. How can you make up your mind for just one of them?


Before you decide what cocktail recipes to try and with which of these spirits, consider making a dazzling combo. So get ready to blend 0.75 oz of old Puerto Rico rum with 0.75 oz of cognac, plus 0.5 oz of vermouth — a sweet assortment, 0.25 oz of Heering — with cherry flavor, and a dash of Angostura bitter. Stir them all with ice for about 15 seconds then pour them into a cocktail glass, mandatory chilled — it’s one of a hack combo!


Because there are tens of different drink recipes based on one of these two beverages, we will insist on the less debated side, which is represented by cocktails that combine the two beverages. Therefore, our next recommendation would be a frozen mixture made from 1.5 oz of brandy, 1 oz of rum, preferably a light one, 1 tsp of powdered sugar, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 egg white and a cup of crushed ice. An electric blender on low speed should make it the perfect drink for a hot summer afternoon!


Still have not found your favorite cocktail recipes? Join us for tens of other cool tips of serving brandy and rum in hundreds of combinations!