BRAZIL - During recent days, the World Cup can be described as the football event with very hot atmosphere. Each football fans were busy to chasing the ball game at night. On the other hand, the fashion industry has also become the competition battlefield. Each major football shoe brands released their own featured football boots to attractive the eyesight of each football fans. People could easily feel this trend by viewing the adidas Football Boots online seller world soccer 2014.

Compared to the past World cup, the colorful football boots in this year’s World Cup game become more shining. World Cup is not only the world class battle of each nation’s football strength but also the battle of each football boots and other football necessary equipments. However, it seems that these football boots suppliers could not get success by the simple attractive appearance.

The shoes which provided by Puma shoes have different color between left foot and right foot which should be left foot blue and right foot red . This designation should be not only fresh thing in area of sports but also very amazing thing in the fashion industry. “At the past time, I always attractive the public attention by good scoring but now I think I could get more attractive by wearing this gorgeous shoes.” said the Argentine player Sergio Aguero which is the endorsement of Puma.

For the famous football boots supplier Nike, they released their fluorescent paint football boots which looks like Nike basketball shoes. Their new released football boots have the rare upper ankle high shell. The area of yellow fluorescence has greatly increasing and people could see these colors sign from very long distance. Overall speaking, the editor from famous Discount Football Boots online seller Nike Football Boots said that this shoe is very comfortable and very soft.

On the other hand, Adidas unified the designation of their new released shoes. In addition to the part of some special version for some players, all four main versions are used in black and white designs. It has been reported that this designation has been inspired by the makeup of indigenous peoples of Brazil. People could confirm whether the player is the Adidas-sponsored player by viewing the designation of their shoe.

About World Soccer 2014

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