In this enlivening, enlightening and detailed report, World’s #1 True Self/True Wealth Facilitator, Author, Attorney and Trainer, Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, Esq. wittingly details the findings of her research of the strange phenomenon of “Guru Worship” in the business building and personal development space. In this detailed report, some of the of the manipulative industry standards discussed include- “It’s Not me, It’s You”, “The Shame Master Cycle”, the “Be Authentic, Just Do it Like Me” and the “Lure”.

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There are countless, eager, hardworking would be and actual entrepreneurs, who desire to create a lifestyle business based upon their passions and expertise, whom are being scammed and ripped off by business coaches, marketing mentors and lifestyle coaches, called Gurus. The funny thing is, the entrepreneurs in many ways, are unwittingly participating in their own lack of success and financial scams through worshipping the Guru. Eager to create their Dream Business, in small part, the entrepreneur naively believes the Business Coach, Marketing Mentor, Sales Coach, aka Guru will help them build a six figure (or more) dream business. In exchange for theirfaith, loyalty and thousands of dollars, the Business Coach, Marketing Mentor, aka Guru, deploys a number of sleazy industry standard techniques to keep the entrepreneur coming back and paying despite the lack of measurable results from the Guru’s services/products/coaching/programs. Simply stated, the Guru and his/her inner circle get richer and the well-meaning entrepreneurs go broke trying to pay them to build an amazing business.

Guru Worship also gives key takeaways on how to not become the unwitting participant of Guru Worship and some resources to build a sound passion, service based transformational business.

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