My name is Theotis Nekau I'm originally from Kansas City, Mo. I currently live in Houston,Tx where I'm pursuing my dreams of becoming a professional recording artist.

The deciding factor in me doing music was my love for it. The fact I could do and say what I felt. Music always has had a hold on me.

My musical influences are a lot of old school artist. As far as a more recent genre or era of course people like pac,biggie, nas, but my generation its curren$y he really gets my attention with his music. The instrumentals, the rhyme shceme, videos etc everything just meshes well.

My first project was "Road to a Million" which dropped last june. The project im working on now is one featuring my brother Shotta De La Vega titled "The sessions" which is a EP. After that another project featuring him titled " To infinity and Beyond" which is a full mixtape. The EP will drop 4-20

My listeners can expect greatness.

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