A woman’s breasts give her femininity, and not having the coveted or desired shape and size doesn’t go well with having highself-esteem. Breast reshaping plastic surgery helps in adding volume, get the desired shape, and most importantly gaining the lost confidence may be the biggest surprise.

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure, that may not be less than a savior for women who

  • Feel their breast size is too small
  • Have lost breast volume due to breast feeding or weight loss
  • Have sagging breasts
  • Have body image issues
  • Have difference in the size of their breasts
  • Need reconstruction of the breasts post breast cancer

Breast augmentation surgery in India not only results in enhanced volume, but also corrects asymmetry, repairs sagging breasts and reconstructs the breasts on women who have undergone mastectomy.

Performed under local or general anaesthesia, surgery involves making a small incision and inserting breast implants either directly behind the breast tissue in front of pectoral muscle or below the muscles of the chest wall to achieve volume and desired shape.

Although breast augmentation is popular all over the world but the cost of breast implants are much higher in western countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand as compared to India.

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