Often breasts sag due to gravity and aging and lose volume owing to weight loss or after effects of pregnancy. Many women feel that breast rejuvenation is what they had wanted to get back a youthful appearance and an ebullient self esteem.

Now getting a dream shape of your breasts is no more left a daunting task. Breast Rejuvenation in India with expert plastic surgeons is what you might need to get back your youthful breasts.

Having performed hundreds of breast rejuvenation procedures, our expert surgeons at IndiCure now bring Lovely Breast Specials — the carefully chosen breast plastic surgery procedures to help you get perkier appearance of your breasts.

 Lovely Breast Specials in India

Lovely Breast Specials are a set of special breast rejuvenation packages that have been very carefully designed as per the demands of our clients and the recommendations by our plastic surgeons. The two popular combined breast rejuvenation packages offered by IndiCure are:

Lovely Breasts Specials 1 — Comprises Breast Reduction and Lift

The package is custom made for women who have enlarged and sagging breasts. A breast reduction surgery helps in making the breasts lighter and firmer thus giving women relief from shoulder, neck and back pain caused due to heavy and pendulous breasts. A breast lift further uplifts the sagging breasts and makes them look more youthful and perkier.  

Lovely Breast Specials 2 — Comprises Breast Augmentation and Lift

This package is specifically made for women who have lost breast volume owing to breast feeding or aging. Breast augmentation with breast implants adds volume to the breasts and reshapes the breasts to give them more attractive appearance. Breast augmentation along with a breast lift further uplifts the sagging breasts and make the breasts sit higher on the chest.

Candidates for Breast Rejuvenation Surgery

 If you are among those who feel their breasts are too saggy or either have lost volume or need a reduction surgery, a breast rejuvenation surgery in India can help you get beautiful breasts. The ideal candidates for lovely breast specials are women who are above 18, are physically and emotionally stable and have realistic expectations from the surgery.

Breast rejuvenation Costs

Breast Rejuvenation in India is now available at highly affordable costs. The cost of Lovely Breast Special packages in India are a fraction of what you would pay for the procedure in western countries. Breast reshaping in India starts from as less as 3, 250 USD.

If you are looking for breast plastic surgery abroad and looking for a well versed medical travel partner which could help you make an informed decision about breast rejuvenation in India, write to us at [email protected] or call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777 or visit us at http://www.indicurecosmeticsurgery.com/breast-surgery/index.php

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