LONDON, UK; 02, October 2015: Modern contemporary British Sculptor Trevor Harries announced today the launch of his website, showcasing his main work from the last 25 years. Trevor is a highly respected British Sculptor with one of his most iconic pieces on display in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Titled “The Memorial to Fishermen” it serves as a lasting and unique tribute to the men who lost their lives at sea. Trevor has this to say about it “Extremely privileged, in 2002 I was commissioned to make the memorial to fishermen which now stands in the heart of Grimsby in St James’ Square. For me truly a public work of art in the best sense, funded by the town and appreciated likewise.”


Trevor Harries now lives and creates his art in London working across a wide range of mediums and concepts. He has been an artist for over 25 years. In his own words “Moving to London and by a stroke of luck my mould making skills where used in some of Sir Anthony Caro’s last works. He was a remarkable man to work for and encouraged one of my best periods of work to date.” Trevor is now currently working on three pieces which will sit in the landscape of one of England’s newest and finest contemporary homes.

His artwork is represented in many private collections and can be seen across various locations in Lincolnshire including The David Ross Foundation, Havelok Academy, St James/ Square, Grimsby. If you are interested in commissioning a truly Iconic work for your development or project go to

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