20, January 2015: While there have been countless media reports regarding the potential risks of taking international holidays without appropriate travel cover in recent times, experts say a significant number of British survey respondents have admitted they opted not to purchase travel insurance policies in 2014. Unfortunately, some were left having to pay out large sums for medical care, police assistance and repatriation. 

Insure and Be Safe, Urge experts 

A considerable proportion of people surveyed said that they’d travelled uninsured to destinations in the subcontinent, while a proportion of people had holidayed in South Africa and Mauritius without taking out travel cover. This is particularly concerning, say experts from top online insurance provider Insuremore, given the risk of illness and crime in these parts of the world. 

Many of the people surveyed who’d travelled uninsured were aged between 18 and 34 years and claim to have not understood the importance of getting comprehensive cover. Others had been deterred by the cost of cover, however admitted they were alarmed to discover the high price of medical treatment and legal assistance abroad. Experts say an airlift from India to the United Kingdom (for example) would cost between £80,000 and £100,000. 

Representatives from InsureMore say that with the right travel cover, these kinds of costs can be avoided. Accidental injuries and flight delays have been revealed as two of the most common scenarios faced by international travellers and, again, with the right policy, the financial costs associated with these events can be covered. 

InsureMore is one of the most respected online insurance providers in the market, and representatives say their continued success is due to not only their extensive range of policies but also their exceptional service when dealing with claims. They say, while surveys such as the one mentioned appear to show people are still holidaying uninsured in many cases, it is vital for travellers to understand the comparatively small outlay of comprehensive travel cover is a small price to pay for the peace of mind offered. 

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