11, July 2015: FlipBuilder is a Hong Kong based software development firm specializing on HTML5 technology. The firm has produced software that will convert various document types into dynamic flipbooks. Their recent excursion into digital publishing design has been the ultimate brochures maker that created page turning brochures out of PDF files.

“Our free brochure software is a great product for small businesses,” says Alice Lee, Marketing Director of FlipBuilder. “The basic brochures maker has enough bells and whistles for the average small business to get their website up and running with. The free version enables them to create engaging content for their online reader and get the feel for what this type of software can do for their business before — or if-- they upgrade.”

Why this product is suited for today's business world has everything to do with the shift in technology and attention of consumers. The typical PDF brochures that are still found on many websites are not only limited by static pages, but not every type of hardware will even read them anymore. Flip PDF Professional is a fast, easy, and free way to convert PDF brochures into flipping pamphlets that can be used to engage customers in an effective and modern way. Having an eye-catching and modern looking digital brochure is necessary in order to present in the mobile world. FlipBuilder HTML5's ultimate brochures maker is free to use and can add instant value to a website or business.

For more information, visit: http://www.flipbuilder.com/free-brochure-maker-software.html

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