(Free Press Release) Brooke Bond Taaza‘s ´Taaza Pehchaan Manch‘: a roaring success in Varanasi Unique skill and talent event for women

Varanasi: The second ´Taaza Pehchaan Manch‘ an initiative by Brooke Bond Taaza tea held at Sanskritik Sankul on Sunday, 19th June 2011 was certainly an event to be remembered in Varanasi. Beyond the myriad of activities celebrating the talents of women and surrounding the community, Taaza Pehchaan Manch would also be remembered for its focus on providing women a platform to showcase their talent.
The event kicked off in the morning after inauguration by the chief guest Mrs. Pankaj Bhadouria, winner of Master Chef India 2010. The crowd cheered the participants and it was a visual delight to see so many different talents coming together under one platform. The judges too were surprised to see the level of creativity in them. Later, the audience was invited by Mrs Pankaj to try their hand at some cooking.
In order to create a robust setting where women converse, connect, showcase and get inspired, NGOs like Manav Sewa Samiti, Women India Trust & Udyogini came forward to help these women take their talent ´hunur‘ to the next level.
Overall more than 2750 women attended the event with over 17 artifacts on display.
Taaza Pehchaan Manch is a special initiative by Brooke Bond Taaza ( a unique and refreshing tea that helps a woman connect to her inner self and aspirations) to recognize and empower women across India. Experts from various fields inspire and guide these women to thorough professionalism. Through this event, the residents of Varanasi got a flavour of what empowered women can achieve both as individuals and as a group.
“We are overwhelmed with the amazing response we have received from Varanasi for Taaza Pehchaan Manch. We feel elated to see the great talents these women possess and are sure this will help them take it to a higher level. This initiative has perfectly stood up to the Taaza brand credo of empowering and rediscovering your inner self, and has provided a new direction to women here. Varanasi was the second stop for this campaign after Etawah which would subsequently reach many other destinations in U.P” said Mr. Arun Srinivas, Category Head, Beverages, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
The first event in Etawah was also a stupendous success with over 3000 women participants displaying over 5000 artifacts. Various women organizations across U.P have committed to participate and support this innovative event for women going forward as well.

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