Portsmouth, NH - Dr. Lawrence Gray and Dr. Brannon Claytor of Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center are finding that more and more men and women are seeking a solution to the tired, aging look of a low or sagging brow. “An equal number of both men and women come to see us, saying they do not like the creases across their forehead or the vertical creases at the bridge of their nose. They know it is part of getting older, but they still feel young on the inside and want their appearance to match”, states Dr. Brannon Claytor. There are both surgical and non-surgical methods to choose from if you have these symptoms.

Dr. Gray or Dr. Claytor see the patient in consultation to evaluate how much loose skin the patient has, how much of a lift that man or woman will need and to what height the skin will need to be lifted. People are most often in their 40’s to 70’s and beyond in seeking a solution to their drooping brow. Age is usually the causal factor, but excessive sun exposure can contribute to skin laxity.

Surgically, a brow lift will correct the ptosis of the skin above the eye to the eyebrow. Lifting that drooping area of skin will give you a refreshed, younger look. A brow lift will raise the eyebrows to a more alert and youthful appearance, improve forehead creases and reposition a sagging brow that is hooding the upper eyelid. Dr. Gray states, “The first method is for people who may require only a partial eyebrow lift. Eyebrow surgery or an eyebrowpexy, is the repositioning of the eyebrow from underneath the skin to a higher level through an eyelid incision. For people who need a full eyebrow lift, I suggest either a direct lift of the eyebrow, which is to cut out a little skin above the eyebrow and then reposition the eye brow, or an alternate method of lifting the brow by making a small incision in the scalp, so that there are no visible incision lines. An incision is then made in the eyelid to remove muscle that pulls down the eyebrow. The needs of the patient determine which method I will select.”

If the patient prefers to start with non-surgical method to improve a sagging brow, they are directed to Dr. Mark Ballentyne, Director of Aesthetic Medicine at Atlantic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Ballentyne can give a man or woman a raised brow area using Botox Cosmetic, Dysport or Xeomin if that person is not ready to have a surgical lifting of the brow. “By slightly weakening the muscle that holds the brow down, Botox Cosmetic will give them a noticeable brow lift of a few millimeters. To accomplish this I place the injection in the lateral brow area, at the side of the eyebrow corner. My patients really like the effect and seek to maintain this non-surgical benefit”, states Dr. Ballentyne. Visit our website at http://www.atlanticplasticsurg.com to read more about breast augmentation or for more information, call Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center at 1-800-633-6860.