Perth, WA - The housing recovery is continuing in Western Australia as the November ABS figures indicate 4 percent growth in dwelling approvals.

Housing Industry Association Senior Economist Shane Garrett commented, “Overall, the level of building approvals is high and the latest update indicates that activity in the market continues along a rising trend.”

He noted that the positive trends were not uniform across the country, adding “the persistence of strong regional disparities means that the recovery cannot yet be seen as broad-based.”
For Western Australians looking to buy a home, the positive growth in housing is welcome news. Experienced Perth home builder Aveling Homes advises current prospective buyers to look for properties that are both well priced for what they offer, and which will hold their value over time. These kinds of properties not only make a great home, but a solid investment.


As prices recover, good deals are getting harder to find in the property market. Established home prices in particular have risen a great. That means for the average Australian some of the best value comes from building a new home, especially with a project builder. A project home builder constructs from a set of plans which they have built before. Their experience and volume buying power allows quality work and features at a great price.


Pricing can be a concern, especially for first home buyers. Property is an important investment but a big one. Recent measures taken by the government such as rate cuts and grant increases are making an impact and helping more Australians be able to afford a property. In August of last year, the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates, making loans cheaper across the board. This means home loans are more affordable than ever.

Following the federal cash rate cut, the WA government increased the First Home Owners Grant to $10,000 for new homes Western Australia, while simultaneously decreasing the grant to $3,000 for established homes.

This heavily tilts affordability towards new homes. With existing Stamp Duty exemptions on vacant land for first homes, and low deposit KeyStart Home loans, Australians who do their homework on what’s available will realise housing is more affordable than ever.


A good price means nothing if the work is shoddy. Buyers should do research on their builders. Companies with a lot of work under their belt and a history of satisfied customers are going to do much a better job. Buyers should try to talk to past customers or read reviews. Looking at display homes is another option.

Warranties and guarantees are a good sign, as well as membership in building associations such as the HIA. If possible, looking at the inclusions offered and comparing between builders can reveal a great deal. A well built home will hold its value, while a poorly constructed property will depreciate quickly.

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