Business startup ideas might begin with someone who enjoys cooking however may not have considered a career in culinary arts. Nevertheless there is a lucrative field and good idea for a business startup for the right person.

This is not to say to immediately drop everything and attend culinary school.  They are normally expensive and do not promise much return for the money.  All that is necessary is a bit of know-how in the kitchen.

A personal chef and a private chef are not the same thing.  A private chef frequently lives at the residence of the employer and does all of the kitchen duties.  A personal chef does not do the same things.

“A private chef works exclusively for one family or person.  A personal chef has more than one client,” said Sandy McQueen of

It does not take much to be a good chef; it takes a good cook.

“A good cook will find lots of work.  This should be obvious,” said McQueen.

Personal chefs go from home to home and person to person cooking meals.  They are often left to warm later in the oven.  All of the hard work except doing the evening dishes is done.

“Certification is a good idea.  It adds a degree of professionalism to the job,” said McQueen.

There are some advantages to certification and becoming certified.  McQueen goes into this and much more detail on her website.  Learn more about being a personal chef on her page available here .

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