(Free Press Release) • Virtual office to dominate workplace by 2020

• Services will be network agnostic by 2020

• Digital natives will begin to have an impact on business technology use

• Businesses will opt for project teams over permanent staff

Colchester, UK 18 October 2011 A new report on the future of technology in the UK predicts that most businesses will need to radically change the way they are structured in order to adapt to an increase in connectivity and the rise of the virtual office.

The report, commissioned by Access UK, a leading provider of business management software, predicts that we will see a rise in connectivity as technology becomes available across all platforms and devices, resulting in 50 billion devices being connected by 2020. It also predicts that smartphones will overtake PCs as the most popular device for accessing the web by 2013.

This will drastically change the way people and businesses operate, as processes become more accessible and transparent, paving the way for a brave new virtual world.

The report, entitled The future of technology: transforming mid-market business operations, was produced by the Centre for Future Studies. It suggests that the adoption of the virtual office will enable businesses to employ people on a project or modular basis, sourcing the staff from across the globe as opposed to a limited geographical location.

“This report offers an invaluable insight into some of the key technological trends and impacts facing all businesses regardless of size or industry,” said Chris Bayne, CEO of Access UK.

“We are already beginning to see the impact of mobile internet adoption, and a demand for hybrid technology platforms combining traditional on-site solutions with web-based software components. Many of our clients are using

Access technology to manage their business across distributed offices and in the field, using a mixture of desktop and mobile devices. We can only see the demand for these solutions increasing.”

The report also predicts that the continued rise in the importance of cloud computing, and the development of mobile cloud, will help drive the so-called ´smarter-planet‘ where technology talks to technology, with less human interaction in the transactional processes.

On the human side, the first wave of digital natives, who have grown up with technology playing an integral role in their business and social lives, will start entering the workplace, challenging the way businesses use technology.

This will juxtapose with the increase in older work colleagues, as the retirement age is pushed back, making talent management a key issue for all HR departments and businesses.

“Access‘ report provides an excellent summary of the opportunities and challenges that the pace of technological change will create for companies,” said Charles le Strange Meakin, Partner, KPMG LLP Cambridge.

“It helps to highlight that the successful organisations of the future, will be those companies who can seize on the technologies available to help adapt and change their cultures.”

Other key findings from the report include:

- Business and technology will fuse into one system, one conversation and one strategy for one world
- Automation and integration of business services will play a vital role in connecting people and technology
- Key business challenges will come from managing sensitive business and personnel data through third party cloud applications, changing customer demographics and the rise of electronic exchanges
- Shaping customer relationships and enhancing customer satisfaction through technology innovation and social media will be business-critical for every enterprise
- Human capital will become the most valuable resource

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