(Free Press Release) Value Stream Marketing, Marketing your Black Belt and more.

Fort Wayne, IN - January 04, 2010 -- Business901 announces their January Training Programs. The schedule includes three 28 day programs and the 90 day - Achieving Expert Status. The 28 day programs are:

1. Marketing your Black Belt
2. Get Clients NOW!
3. Value Stream Marketing

Marketing your Black Belt is a 28-day program starting January 7th. Marketing your Black Belt is based specifically on addressing these issues: Customer Acquisition, Marketing, Customer Retention and Communication & Collaboration. Program is specifically designed for Quality consultants.

Get Clients NOW 28 Day Program: Program starting on first Monday of every month: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (GMT-0500).Program Structure and Agenda: During the first three sessions you will receive all the tools and training needed to design your individual 28-day marketing action plan. The listing above is the starting date for the program. You have signed up to start on that Monday and for the following 28 days.

Value Stream Marketing: is a 28-day program starting Thursday, January 13th, 2010 from 1:00 PM 2:00 PM (ET). We want our participants to learn how to utilize a Sales and Marketing Value Stream implement through the use of a Marketing Kanban. Implementing Value Stream Marketing is a complete 28-day program based specifically on addressing these issues:

1. Lean Six Sigma Marketing Principles
2. Creating a Current State Map
3. Simplifying and removing waste in your marketing
4. Controlling your Work in Process
5. Creating a Customer Centric Budget
6. Creating your Marketing Kanban
7. Determining your Constraint
8. Putting your Value Stream into Action

Business901 provides effective but easy to use methodologies. It is flexible enough to allow you to apply your own ideas, while giving you guidance before, during and after. We will provide practical, information-rich, immediately applicable direction that can have immediate impact on the success of your organization.

About Joe Dager:
Business901 provides direction in areas such as Lean Six Sigma Marketing and Achieving Expert Status. Business901 has designed their services and product offerings so that they are implementable systems that work in the real, not enough time, not enough people world we operate in. We provide tools that simplify the marketing process, not complicate it. Joe, the owner of Business901 is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and author of the Lean Marketing House and Marketing with A3.

If you visit the Business901.com website, you can download and introduction to Lean Marketing Concepts in a 30-page eBook format. Dager‘s experience includes numerous start-ups, several turnarounds in variety of industries to include manufacturing, retail, and professional services to include marketing.

Joseph T. Dager
Lean Marketing House Author
Marketing with A3 Author
Achieving Expert Status
Fort Wayne, IN
[email protected]