In today's world, you need to look good to have what you want. A person's image is very important, because it gives some clues about that person’s lifestyle. To create a good image, we have to pay attention to a lot of details, from the clothes we wear to the fragrance we use and from our hairdo to our attitude.

Women are more interested in creating a good image than men. Still, when it comes to buttock augmentation, it seems that women and men are equally interested in enhancing their behind. And why should they not be? With a butt that looks more natural, they will surely attract more admirers.

To benefit from a professional buttock augmentation, those interested need to contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon. This procedure can be done by using a lot of substances, but as studies show, one of the safest is Metacrill. Its scientific name is polymethylmethacrylate and is represented by smooth microspheres that enter the human body and naturally make the tissue look better.

PMMA injections should be done in a clean environment, at a clinic or hospital, and only by experienced personnel, not by a person who knows how to give an injection and nothing more. PMMA needs to be injected within some specified areas of one's buttocks, to reach their purpose of enhancing the person’s behind.

These areas that need enhancement are those that present lumps. The "valleys" can be filled with Metacrill that would contour and shape the buttocks, allowing the patient to look better and gain more self-confidence. Looking good does not only attract the opposite gender, but it also provides you with more self-esteem.

PMMA injections present many advantages: they are biocompatible and allow patients to recover very quickly, can enhance a person's buttock without the need for surgery and the substance that they contain has a long lifetime, up to 7 years. Still, 5 years after the procedure, doctors recommend that you pay them another visit, to see if the substance continues to be effective.

When the substance starts to become less effective, it gets simply biodegraded and is replaced by new tissue. This new connective tissue is formed around the microspheres that entered your body along with your PMMA shot. These microspheres enhance treated areas and encourage natural cell growth to make your buttocks look better.

All these benefits can be experienced only if the procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon that uses the aforementioned substance. Silicone shots done by illegal injectors can seriously affect a person's health and cause a wealth of problems, instead of generating an improvement.


To enjoy the benefits of buttock augmentation, we invite you to try the PMMA injections

that are done by a certified cosmetic surgeon in Colombia. The procedure does not last long, however, you would have to stay in Colombia for at least two nights, to allow the doctors to assess your condition immediately after the procedure. Two nights for a great butt is a great investment in creating a good image for yourself.