Plastic surgery involving use of liposuction for forming a shapely derriere is called buttock reduction surgery. Buttock reduction is sought by men and women who are unhappy with the size of their buttocks and want a more shapely rear.

Buttock reduction may be accompanied with other procedures such as a thigh lift or tummy tuck depending upon the aesthetic requirements of an individual.

Who requires Buttock Reduction?

Buttock reduction surgery is generally chosen by those who have sagging skin or loss of skin elasticity in the buttock area. The skin of buttock often loses elasticity owing to pregnancy or dieting resulting in dimpled and flabby appearance of buttocks. Many people complain of having disproportionate buttocks to rest of the body and thus seek buttock reduction surgery so as to regain their lost self esteem.

The ideal candiadates are those who are mentally and physically healthy, are above 18 and have realistic expectations from the surgery.

How is buttock reduction surgery performed? 

A Buttock Reduction procedure entails liposuction of the buttocks. The surgery takes about 2-3 hours and involves making small incisions in the crease of the buttocks. Through the small incisions, cannula or long hollow tubes are inserted. The fat is suctioned out through these tubes which results in more sculpted and flattened rear.

There are various liposuction techniques which can be used for buttock reduction. To name a few — Tumescent liposuction, Ultra sound assisted liposuction, Power assisted liposuction, super wet liposuction.

How much does buttock reduction cost?

The cost of Buttock reduction in India is highly affordable and much cheaper than what it costs in many western countries. The cost of the procedure may vary depending upon the city of your choice, the experience of plastic surgeon and hospital facility you choose for your plastic surgery.

Why consider India for your buttock reduction?

Buttock reduction or liposuction of buttock requires use of sophisticated technology and latest techniques of liposuction. India now boasts of offering latest techniques of plastic surgery at some of its best plastic surgery centers. Indian cosmetic surgeons are well known for their skills and have years of experience in performing the surgery with dexterity. Moreover, the cost of buttock reduction surgery in India is a fraction of what it costs in the western countries. With equally good infrastructure and technology as its western counterparts, India now boasts of offering plastic surgery at highly affordable cost. Thus choosing India for buttock liposuction could be a great deal for people looking for quality yet cheaper liposuction abroad.

Why choose us for your buttock reduction?

Buttock reduction surgery in India with IndiCure is available at some of the best plastic surgery centers that are equipped with latest technology and infrastructure. Choosing IndiCure for your buttock reduction surgery would help you get the surgery done by our expert plastic surgeons who are handpicked by IndiCure. Having served hundreds of clients from over 30 countries, IndiCure knows your requirements well and helps you get the surgery done in association with best cosmetic surgeons in India.

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