You need an article rewrite tool in order to succeed online. You might have heard the expression "content is king". This is true even though the right phrase should be quality content. It is all the more important now that Google have officially said they do not like automatic content. What do they mean by that? Well the jury is out regarding the exact meaning but most have taken it to mean the type of content several auto blogs are packed with - content discarded from other web sites include YouTube, ezinearticles and more. For your internet sites to get a high score for your preferred keywords you need quality content on your site and plenty of different backlinks.

What advantage will an article rewrite tool give you? In case you have written quality content for your website, you can use this rewriting software to help rewrite the content to be used on your linking wheels. You don't want to use the same content. That will decrease the potential of your website to get ranking. But you don't want to compose unique content each time you build a new link to your personal web site. Rewriting content requires a faction of the time it took to write the original article as all the search is done. All you need do is to say the identical thing in different language. The rewrite tool will tell you how different the fresh article is and you must go for at least 30%.

Why use an article rewrite tool instead of a spinner? There is a simple answer. You want your end articles to be sensible. This is not the result you get when many people spin an article. You can produce good quality articles if you use the tools correctly.

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