(Free Press Release) If you buy carpets from acrylic fibers
In 50-ies acrylic occupied a significant place in the market because it has many properties of wool, so people began to buy carpets from acrylic. However, the production from acrylic is more expensive than, for example, from polypropylene or viscose. This is due to higher costs for production of acrylic fibers, in particular for coloring. Unfortunately, acrylic cannot be painted with the help of some modern painting technology that would significantly reduce the cost of its production. For this reason and as people buy carpets for the production of carpets, acrylic is often used in a mixture with polypropylene fibers to reduce the ultimate cost.
If you buy carpets from viscose
When you buy carpets from viscose you should know that viscose is made from natural materials - wood pulp, therefore among all fibers it is the most "natural". By varying thickness and nature of the fibers one can get fabric very similar to natural ones, in particular, to silk carpets. Viscose carpets, thus are the cheapest alternative to silk carpets. Viscose is often also called "artificial silk". So you can buy carpets of “silk”.
The main features of viscose: pleasant to the touch, comfortable, hygroscopic and breathable. High intensity of colors allows to create carpets of bright colors and then people buy carpets with pleasure. It should also be noted that viscose does not accumulate static electricity.
In manufacturing of viscose rugs, they undergo several levels of processing, including the so-called "polishing" needed to ensure that all threads are of equal length, and the surface of a carpet is flat. After “polishing” there is residual pile between the threads of a carpet. The higher and denser the pile, the more remaining pile accumulated between the filaments. It should be understood that accumulated pile is not the thread itself but that residual pile which was accumulated after “polishing”. This feature is also characteristic for wool carpets. You shouldn't be afraid of it, vacuuming within the first few weeks will eliminate residual pile and allow to fully enjoy the comfort of viscose rugs when you buy carpets.
Also, when you buy carpets from viscose it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the carpet pile has a direction. If you look at the carpet, first with one hand, for example, in the direction of the nap, and then the opposite - you will see a significant difference in color (from the brilliant, bright it turns into a dark, opaque, with a fuller picture one).
When you buy carpets Manufacturers recommend cleaning viscose carpets with a vacuum cleaner, cleaning with a detergent cleaner should be avoided. After the first few weeks viscose “shedding” will significantly decrease and then cease at all.
In the case of dirty spots don't rub but gently dab with a sponge soaked in warm water.