Jay Shree Tea has brought an exquisite range luxury beverage to its consumers. It has enticed Wholesale Tea Market with its finest quality of tea production.

Jay Shree Tea is a ‘proud owner’ of some of the biggest tea gardens across India & the world. Being the second largest tea producer in this nation, the company is capable of bringing the finest quality beverage to its consumers. It is also the owner of the historical tea garden of India — Puttabong in Darjeeling.

What makes this company stands out from the others is its dedication and effort to maintain the quality of its beverage. The leaves of the various estates turn into premium quality golden liquor only by the endeavor of this company. Beverages of Jay Shree portray grandeur and elegance in each of its Darjeeling tea cup.

Darjeeling Puttabong Tea

Jay Shree Tea is known for its freshest quality of Darjeeling blends. The unmatched taste and aroma of this variety is rightly maintained by the connoisseurs of the company. Each leaf is handpicked and goes through refined process to deliver the outstanding uniqueness of this variety. Black teas, green tea, second flush or first flush — all the varieties are available with similar perfection.

Puttabong is very near to Darjeeling and it is literally the “house of green leaves”. Why is it so special? There are certain marks that made this tea estate distinct from the others. Here are a few of them —

-    It is the first tea estate
-    It is the first commercial tea garden in North East India
-    It is the best garden in Darjeeling
-    It is also the first garden that have used the pruning machine

It is true that Puttabong is special and Jay Shree Tea has made it all the more exceptional. Together with geographical location and climatic condition, Jay Shree Tea managers implemented quality standards and utmost care in producing the premium Darjeeling Puttabong tea. So, all their discerning buyers will now get the best quality product.

What type of Puttabong tea is available from Jay Shree

Different kinds of premium Darjeeling teas are available from the historical tea garden of India —

-    Handmade tea
-    Organic green tea
-    Silver tippy tea
-    Organic black tea
-    Exclusive range of Darjeeling Clonal teas
About the Company
Jay Shree Tea caters to the needs of both the experts and the regulars who will appreciate its handpicked products. Tasters of this company very carefully taste and choose top-rated blends so that their clients and tea enthusiasts can savor the best quality tea in the market. Jay Shree Tea has earned a good name for its aromatic and superb quality products. Buy premium quality Darjeeling tea online from http://www.jayshreetea.com/categories_landing/buy-darjeeling-tea
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