Beijing, China; 22, December 2014: With their Christmas Sale on their less injurious smoking alternative, is endeavoring to reach the smoking community that is trying to quit smoking of harmful tobacco based cigarettes. The spokesperson of the company reveals that Christmas could be a pious occasion for anyone to take a vow of quit smoking and switch to Newport 100s Cigarettes that feature a less-harmful tobacco blend and a refreshing smoking experience with its menthol based ingredients. 

One can also gift Newport cigarettes to others, encouraging them to quit the habit of smoking tobacco based cigarettes. Smoking is injurious to health, but despite this precautionary warning, people are least motivated to quit their smoking. Healthcare experts reveal that the harmful effects of tobacco smoking or chewing, which can create serious health issues, such as Asthma, Lung & Respiratory Diseases as well as Mouth and Lungs Cancers. While quitting smoking could prove a difficult proposition for many people, but choosing a less harmful product could be a sensible choice to remain away from adverse health effects. 

The cigarettes of Newport brand contain menthol and a healthy blend of tobacco. It also contains a very small amount of nicotine. All this provides a satisfying smoking experience to an individual, but it doesn’t affect the human health so badly. The cigarettes are available in a variety of sizes so that smokers can choose their custom size as per their smoking requirement. One is assured of getting the best Newport pleasure which is now available at a cheaper price through the Christmas sale offer. 

The cigarettes are available in the original box of 10 packs of 20 cigarettes each. They have a global delivery mechanism and cigarette boxes can be shipped anywhere in the world within 4-6 working days. Christmas shoppers who want to purchase the product for their own consumption or want to gift someone should take advantage of this sale and can place an order as early as possible, so that the product could reach them in time. To know more about the cigarettes or to place an order for it, one may visit the website 

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