CHINA - Best quality pneumatic tool sets for the purpose of sealing and tightening are provided to customers from one of the top strapping tool production companies, Nuoda. Banding tool of different sizes and designs are made available to industries through the website Manual strapping machine ensures cost-effective strapping, which can be used for various stationery purposes. Potential customers can choose from different models of banding machine provided in the online store of Nuoda. User friendly, light weight and compact strapping tensioner is also offered at reasonable rates.

The new website has been developed mainly for the expansion of the international distribution network. Hence customers from all over the world can now seek the services offered by this strapping tool manufacturer. The expert sales team of Nuoda guarantees to fulfill the requirements of wholesalers as well as retailers. Nuoda aims at delivering products with features like high durability, strength and reliability. All tools from Nuoda are said to cover pneumatic steel strapping machines and are considered equivalent to Kogyo, Japan.

The website says, "R&D department has innovated the technology abroad and patented in new series banding machine pneumatic strapping for cottons, 50,000 sets per year. From Nuoda you will be satisfied with highest quality industrial strapping tools."

The featured product list includes XQD-19 Pneumatic PET/PP Strapping Tool, AQD-19 Pneumatic PET strapping tool, RJ25 Pneumatic Strapping Sealer, RJ193 Pneumatic Cotton Strapping Tool, AQD-25 Pneumatic PET Strapping Tool, XQD-25 Pneumatic PP/PET Strapping Tool, A333 Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tool, HP-35 Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tool, SD330 Manual PET Strapping Tools Set, KZS-40/32 Pneumatic Steel Strap Sealer, KZL-32A Pneumatic Steel Tensioner, KZ-32 Pneumatic Combination Steel Strapping tool and much more. Sealless/sealed, manual/pneumatic tensioning systems are made available to potential customers via

Steel strapping tools are provided in combination pneumatic, split pneumatic and manual strapping tool. In addition, customers can choose from the category PET/PP strapping tool which is again sub-categorized into battery operated, manual operated and pneumatic operated. Tensioner, sealer and other hand tool accessories for strapping purposes are sold at from Nuoda. Potential customers can request for a price quote by providing the company name, telephone number, address, contact person, email Id and other details via the website of Nuoda.

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Nuoda has specialized in the manufacturing of strapping tools since 1990. This leading steel banding tool manufacturer of strapping machines offers high quality industrial strapping machines at competitive prices. Now Nuoda has its own exporting service as well.

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