(Free Press Release) When you buy rugs you should know what rugs are made from. The three main materials used in carpet weaving are wool, silk and cotton. In nomadic rugs we can also meet goat and camel wool.
In most handmade rugs knots and, accordingly, nap are from sheep's wool. It is famous for its softness, durability, relatively low price as compared with silk, besides it is easy to use. This set of capacities makes fleece a unique material for manufacture of oriental rugs. Adding goat or camel wool to the yarn can give an extra shine to a rug, but people try not to abuse it: goat and camel wool is badly stained. You must know this if you buy rugs.
As a rule sheep wool which graze on alpine pastures has the highest quality. Wool from Iran itself and the highland Caucasus is highly prized. Excellent wool is bought also in China, Australia and New Zealand. So people buy rugs with pleasure.
Silk is the most precious of natural fibers and is used to create rugs more rare than wool. Silk is a thread from which a silkworm cocoon is woven, an insect that eats leaves of mulberry tree. Silk homeland is considered China. Now silkworms, in addition to the Celestial, are bred in Iran, Turkey, India and some former Soviet republics. The most high-quality silk is got n China, as well as in Iran in areas adjacent to the southern shore of the Caspian Sea. When people buy rugs thay are aware of it.
Cotton is generally used to create a rug basis (although in silk carpets the foundation is also often made of silk). They don't knit knots from cotton. Exceptions are some tribal rugs, where cotton is used to underscore the contrast with the image of fine details. So having all the necessary information you now can buy rugs from any material you like.