CHINA - A wide range of strapping tool products and related machines are provided on the website by Nuoda. This specialist strapping manufacturer guarantees to bring world class products to customers at reasonable rates. The research and development center of Nuoda emphasizes on the production of innovative products, which meet the requirements and needs of diversified consumers. The manual strapping machine is made available in different models and colors via In addition, service seekers can choose from a variety of strapping tensioner products along with banding machine tools.

The website features RJ25 Pneumatic Strapping Sealer, DD16 ¨C Battery Operated Strapping Tool, A333 Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tool, KZ-32 Pneumatic Combination Steel Strapping Tool, KZS-40/ 32 Pneumatic Steel Strap Sealer, KZL-32A Pneumatic Steel Tensioner, DD16-2 Battery Operated Strapping Tool, Pneumatic Split Strapping Tool Set, XQD-19 Pneumatic PET/ PP Strapping Tool and much more.

The application and features of each item are distinctly listed for the knowledge of potential customers. Banding tool manual strapping machine powered by batteries is designed to increase the working hours effortlessly. Manual and handy Strapex tools are considered to be a reliable choice for mobile or stationary uses.

The website says, ¡°From NUODA, you will be satisfied with highest quality industrial strapping tools. For the past 6 years, Nuoda has been expanding the annual sales 10 times, covering all distributors and wholesalers in China, and has become the largest manufacturer.¡±

Modern technology has been utilized for the manufacturing of innovative strapping tools, which are considered to be equivalent to other industrial strapping tools from other countries. SD330 Manual PET Strapping Tools, ORT-200 Battery Operated Strapping Tool, SDT330 Manual Strap Sealer, AQD-19 Pneumatic PET Strapping Tool, RJ193 Pneumatic Cotton Strapping Tool and HP-35 Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tool are some of the new products listed on the website. Customers can select from pneumatic/manual tensioning and sealing along with seal and sealless systems according to their requirements.

The product category consists of combination pneumatic strapping tool pneumatic tool, split pneumatic tool, manual strapping tool, battery operated, pneumatic operated, manual operated, tensioner, sealer and accessories. Material, type, weight, size, maintenance and other details related to each strapping tools and sealers are made available to customers by Nuoda. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with international standard strapping tools and machines.

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Nuoda is one of the top manufacturers of strapping tools which have a number of distributors all over the world. This company was established in the year 1990 with specialization in strapping machines. High quality banding machines are offered to customers with cost effective features.

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