United States of America; 31, January 2015: Apple users are not given a start up manual as the makers believe in learning it yourself strategy. They although provides instruction workshops in the earlier stages after buying any new Apple device to help their new customers. Mike Jeffries who was an instructor in Apple has now come up with his own website www.buyvideotutorials.com to help iPad users get started with their new device. 

The videos deal in how to use iPad from the scratch and gets to the core of its advanced usage through videos. This method of learning through videos is very helpful and advantageous as the tutorial can be downloaded and viewed anytime from anywhere. Mike Jeffries brings all the using techniques and also the hidden tricks through his tutorial iPad101 to help the iPad users know the best ways of using their device. 

The iPad tutorials help to learn the advanced skills of using the device without the actual need of an iPad manual. The tutorials can be paused, stopped, rewind, forwarded, and played at free will from the vicinity of the user house and learnt at a comfortable pace. Attending the Apple classes deal with learning at the pace of the class and not everyone is skilled enough to learn and adapt things fast. Learning through the videos means to learn at own comfort in a personalized way viewing and re-viewing it numerous times. 

The iPad user guide through videos is also way cheaper than attending the Apple instruction classes. Mike Jeffries charges almost half the price that is charged from Apple to help his students with his videos. Plus he also has special offer on hold for every user who refers his tutorial skills to their friends and family. The video guidelines are simple and easy to understand with point to point details to learn how to use the iPad. Jeffries also looks into the queries and questions of his virtual students with his email as he personally handles it. 

The iPad101 has 62 videos made by Jeffries to help his users get the best out of their iPad. He wants his followers to learn all the entertaining and professional features that are attached in using an iPad to make its usage effectively and highly oriented. The videos can be purchased directly from the website and can be viewed on a PC and also the user iPad. Self help is the best help but getting a proper guidance to learn the ways of using a smart device is a sign of the smart. 

About Buy Video Tutorials: 

Buy Video Tutorials deals with instructive videos on using an Ipad. The pack contains 62 videos made by Mike Jeffries who was an Apple instructor. The videos can be purchased from www.buyvideotutorials.com