(Free Press Release) Buy wall-to-wall carpets from wool
Since ancient times, the wool has been being the traditional and most common material for carpet weaving. If you buy wall-to-wall carpets you should know that it s extremely durable, lasting, resistant to abrasion and mechanical affecting. People buy wall-to-wall carpets from wool because aesthetic qualities of woolen carpets are known for everybody. Wool fibers reflect light in different directions, so they do not shine, look very soft and create a feeling of comfort.
Among various types of wool, of course, sheep wool is used most often. Fleece can be of different origin and quality. Before you buy wall-to-wall carpets touch several carpets with your hands, and you will see. Sheep with pure (not mixed) wool and fine-wooled sheep have advantages over their sisters. They graze in lowlands and give the best wool, rather than alpine ones. Especially valued are New Zealand merino sheep (with a long thick soft coat) it is due to the fact there is great climate and ecology, is the most excellent conditions of grazing and watering in this remote country.
However, even sheep from the same area give different wool. It depends on a breed, age and sex of an animal. For example a New Zealand sheep is inferior to a New Zealand lamb. Before a carpet of the lamb wool one can safely add the prefix "super". But even the same sheep may give from time to time different wool. It's a living creature, and its physical state depends on many factors, including the mood (almost certainly).The quality of wool also varies in different parts of an animal body. A sheep gives up to ten varieties of wool, which are separated by hard-working and caring professionals (with the right set technology, of course). When people byu wall-to-wall carpets they know that hair length is also important: the more the better. There are also such properties as tortuosity and elasticity.
If you buy wall-to-wall carpets you should know that sheep of course are a major supplier of wool. But sometimes we can meet carpets from other animals wool. For example when you buy wall-to-wall carpets you can see on the market Nepalese or Chinese carpets from llama wool (long-haired goats). Sometimes yak hair, camel and goat wool, including mohair are used as a material.
If you are going to buy wall-to-wall carpets you are aware that the higher the quality of wool, more beautiful the carpet looks. Wool rugs enrich your home decor. And if you see wool carpets in an office, then you are in a rich company.