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The development team of FIFA 13 is continually listening to the fans and requiring their feedback to make them identify the troubles. Hence the development team can prioritize these issues to improve the game. The development team follows up these issues vie the social networks including Twitter, Facebook, FIFA online forums and the customer experience team. The devotees of FIFA 13 are requested to follow the development team of FIFA 13 on Twitter and the Facebook page of FIFA 13. Hence, the enthusiasts can gain the up-to-date information about the game. The obvious and recurrent updates to the devotees of the game through these channels are given. The item of the past week provides the very detail about the development and the fixations being available for FIFA 13. You can buy fifa coins online to make your dream team in the FIFA 13. By summarizing, the development teams presented the developments to FIFA 13 while addressing the problematic areas. These can be career mode or the FIFA Ultimate Team. The other issue includes the transactions in the game and it is not executed properly. Missing coins or the items of FIFA Ultimate Team are also included here. Move to to buy fifa 13 coins.