Greece is one of the most beautiful countries with a rich ancient history and spectacular landscape. The beauty of Greece brings millions of tourists to this country every year. Many foreigners are also showing interests in buying real estate properties in Greece. The real estate market of the country has seen a great boom since the last few years. In this country, you will find various properties like apartments, town houses, independent houses, cottages, and villas that are offered for sale. Old properties are also offered for sale. You can buy such a property and renovate it to make it suitable for living. However, if you are planning to live in luxury and style, you can consider buying a villa in Greece. The Greece villas are usually located in picturesque locations and occupy a large expanse of land.  Conduct a market research, know the prevailing prices of the Greek villas before buying a property in Greece. It is also important to take into account the various convenience factors before choosing a Greek villa for purchase.


Before choosing a villa for purchase, you need to decide about the location where you want your villa to be located. There are numerous Greece villas scattered in the coastal regions of the country, while there are some luxurious Greek villas in the famous islands. You can also choose to book a villa in the downtown region. However, before booking and making a purchase, you need to browse through a popular and reliable real estate directory that provides you with information on various properties that are available in Greece for sale or rent.


There are many foreigners who wonder about if they can buy Greece villas. The government of the country allows foreigners to buy real estate properties in Greece, but for such a purchase they need to get permission from the local authorities in specific regions of the country. You can get the permission from the judicial offer or chief administrative officer of the region where you want to buy the villa. Though the procedure of seeking permission seems to be a bit complicated, in reality, it is not so. Permission for purchasing Greek villas or other real estate properties are usually offered without much fuss.


You should get the property you are buying registered. For registration procedure, you should seek the assistance of a lawyer who would ensure that the registration is done in the proper manner. The lawyer will ensure that you do not become subjected to usucaption. You also require a tax number for buying Greece villas or any other real estate property. Overseas purchasers need to get a tax role number called AFM. They should also submit their passport for obtaining the AFM. 


You should do an independent survey to find out the best price for the property you want to buy.  A thorough survey will provide you with the bargaining power and will also focus on the downsides that the property may have. Choose the best Greek villa at the most convenient for the best price.



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