Shenzhen, China, June 7, 2014: China has emerged as a popular as well as a profitable destination for the worldwide retailers and e-commerce companies to procure a wide variety of goods at wholesale prices. However, for a sustained business growth, these retailers and online sellers need to procure best quality Wholesale Products. Now, the largest Manufacturers to Business (M2B) marketplace, Ciqem Company provides quality made Chinese products for retailers to procure best products for their business growth.

Ciqem reveals that there are nearly 68000 Chinese manufactures that have been endorsed with Quality Export Manufacturers (QEM) certification, and they contribute about 80% of total exports from China. These certified manufacturers are 100% supervised by the China Government AQSIQ and their products are tested on the basis of strict quality parameters. This is the reason why procuring goods from these manufacturers always comes with a quality guarantee.

Importantly, Ciqem assists manufacturers earn this important Quality Export Manufacturers certification that can ensure them the trust of the global purchasers. The spokesperson of Ciqem reveals that this kind of quality assurance always helps a manufacturer to draw the attention of the buyers from across the world. There are many buyers who want to purchase goods from a company listed in the Chinese Quality Export Manufacturers List, and this underlines the importance of getting the certification. Moreover, Ciqem deals in products that are certified by the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and includes those products only on their website for their promotion at a global scale.

Ciqem has a large variety of products listed with them, and all products have the Quality Export Manufacturers certification. They serve the purpose of an important M2B platform, offering best quality products to the global companies from high quality Chinese manufacturers. Thus, they offer manufacturers and buyers a trusted platform for conducting business where only the best quality products are traded between them. Retailers and online sellers interested to Buy From China can find all types of products on their website

About Ciqem Company:

Ciqem is a leading M2B platform in China, which provides quality made in China products from certified quality export China manufacturers. All China manufacturers listed with them are certificated by QEM (Quality Export Manufacturers). is the largest M2B (Manufacturers to business) online marketplace connecting Chinese suppliers worldwide buyers.

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