Australians shoppers today are making smart purchases. They are seeking more information about the products and services that they purchase and are increasingly price savvy. Yet, most Australians prefer shopping locally to ensure that they get a warranty they can trust, even when they know that the local retailers are kind of expensive.

The prices offered by Australian retailers are usually fixed and this generally results in several hours of hunting for the right discounts or deals on a product in a particular area. The end result could be that consumers finally do get what they want, that too with maybe with some amount of discount.

However, reverse this entire scenario and imagine being able to shop from trusted local retailers, online, from the comfort of your home. Additionally, also imagine being able to personalize your deals and engage with local retailers to prompt them to give you better offer or services , free shipping or other bundled offers. Isn’t this a better way to save money and also somewhat more convenient or quick?

This is just what, BuyMeStuff , Australia’s new online marketplace does. With a simple click of a button on, you can have local Australian retailers provide you with offers based on your feedback. So, instead of spending hours shopping around town, you can get personalised offers coming to you.

Birth of the idea

BuyMeStuff’s story began when Abhi (Co founder) moved to Australia and was looking to buy some household products [TV, fridge etc] for his apartment. Like most other shoppers, he loved a good bargain, but did not to want to visit several retail stores or hunt for deals online. He wasn’t comfortable buying online as he was unsure whether he could trust the retailer he was going to buy from. He was also worried about online fraud and whether the goods would arrive on time. So, he decided to reach out to his good mate Mahendra (Co founder), a savvy online buyer with the knack for finding great deals, to help him out. Mahendra didn’t disappoint him and got Abhi some amazing deals.

However, Mahendra had to spend a significant amount of his time searching for the best deals online, calling retailers and negotiating prices and delivery requirements as the current online solution was static with fixed pricing and limited options to engage with retailers. Even for a savvy buyer like Mahendra, it was time consuming as there was no way for him to engage with the retailers online or ask multiple retailers for a good deal, letting them know exactly what he wanted without visiting a physical store.

So, Abhi and Mahendra started thinking, “why should the consumer do all this hard work of researching, hunting for offers, negotiating and figuring out if retailers are local or overseas?” They realised that while it was impacting the buyers it was also hurting the local retailers significantly.

Retailers were the ones missing out on sales due to fixed pricing and limited engagement online. There had to be a better way; a way by which customers could specify what they wanted taking into consideration their budget, the services they received, or bundled offers that they wanted, and also trusted local retailers, who could respond with their best offers.

They wanted to create a platform that allowed retailers to engage with customers, replicating the ‘in store customer experience’ online. Their view was to have only local trusted retailers on this platform, so that shoppers like Abhi who are skeptical about buying online do not have to worry about fraud, shipping time, and trust.

With this in mind the vision of BuyMeStuff was born. A marketplace dedicated for small and medium size, local retailers, to engage and provide personalised offers in real-time based on consumer feedback/requirement. This would also benefit consumers with great deals and retailers with increased sales due to better engagement.


Benefits of Shopping at BuyMeStuff

BuyMeStuff brings consumers and retailers together, bridging the gap and acting as intermediaries that connect the two poles seamlessly. It is helping customers buy anything and everything from the neighborhood retail stores, while also ensuring quick delivery and higher credibility. The online store mainly deals in electronics, appliances, and sports items. Here are the benefits listed below:

1. Personalized Deals and Offers

Other than the discounts available on most of the products on BuyMeStuff, consumers also have the option of getting personalized offers from multiple local Aussie retailers just like in a physical store.

2. Hassle Free Shopping

You now need not browse through a number of websites to compare prices and search for better offers. BuyMeStuff allows you the freedom to Interact with the retailers in real time. Talk to local retailers and get answers to any question you have about the purchase without having to wait.

3. Trusted Local Stores

Search and purchase electronics, appliances, sport items from local retailers, by ordering online. There is no need of store hopping anymore to get the right price and deals.

4. Authentic Products

Everything that you purchase on BuyMeStuff is 100% original, brand new, and genuine. Furthermore, all of these products are backed by the manufacturer's warranty wherever applicable. What else could a buyer ask for?

5. Easy Returns

Buying online and then having to return your purchase when not satisfied can be a real hassle. All the time and effort that it takes to return your purchase can be really frustrating. BuyMeStuff makes the entire process simple by providing you the convenience of interacting with local retailers and sharing your grievances.

6. Lightening Fast Delivery

Tired of waiting endlessly for your online order to arrive? Since the retailers are local, you are more likely to get the delivery of the products from a nearby store quicker than from an overseas retailer.

7. Free In- store Pickup

BuyMeStuff always includes the shipping charges in every applicable purchase. However if you are worried about shipping charges, it gives you the option of picking your order from the store nearest to you, free of cost.

The continued growth of connected commerce is inevitable and the shopper journey of the Australian connected consumer is becoming more complex and fluid. Hence, with consumers easily shifting between online and offline retail channels and demanding an abundance of information at hand, retailers must understand consumer behaviours and provide easily accessible product information and compelling offers in both environments.

Instant gratification and customer engagement leading to a better deal gives consumers the satisfaction of shopping and erases all frictions in the online shopping experience.

The company is active on LinkedIn , Facebook , and Twitter . For press enquiries, please contact — [email protected]

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