A news revelation took the content world by storm as a couple of media agencies have now opted for buzz feed’s content course which is said to develop some buzzy content for the agencies. Buzz feed is said to now teach two of the media companies- indie shop horizon media and interpublic group of cos. UM to generate buzz feed style posts for its customers which even enables a better understanding of the audience data behind the post. Buzz feed’s social story telling program seems to extend its partnership which was introduced in may. 

This roll out from buzz feed is similar to the agency cultivation efforts from Google and facebook and intends to fill the market with skilled people and agencies who will likely create content that are boasted to go insane over the internet as the buzz feed’s best post have. In recent news report the VP agency strategy and industry development at buzz feed, Jonathan Perelman said that this story telling program has a unique feature that it is bespoke to each agency. However this program is mainly based on teaching companies to advertise excellently on buzz feed. 

Vainer media initially signed up to this creative program when it was introduced. So far it has done a pretty good job in creating a buzz to promote GE’s Datalandia app. signing up with such agencies is also a sign of its growing attraction. A media study also reported that Mr. Perelman has refused to disclose any financial arrangements between the media agencies. He also added that this kind of a custom training will inculcate a deeper sense of understanding as to why the buzz feed posts work so well. However for more details on the above and directory submission go to http://aaboow.com