Shanghai, China, August 23, 2014: The Asian region has great potentials for the businesses to market their products and services. Countries like China and India are great markets with their large populations with a great chunk of disposable income. Thus, businesses that want to explore opportunities in the Asian markets can now take the help of the full-service consultancy service offered by C2C Asia China Mainland. The company, headquartered in Shanghai, China, offers its marketing, branding and sourcing services for companies willing to import their products, particularly food and beverage, to China mainland. 

China is the most populous country in the world and thus any company would be willing to launch their business in this country. C2C Asia is committed to provide all support and assistance, helping companies to gain an access to the China and the surrounding Asian markets. Companies interested to Export Food and Beverage to China can benefit from C2C Asia’s services to gain a strong foothold in the local Chinese market. China is a huge country and a company needs an expert assistance of a local success partner that is aware of the culture and preferences of the local communities and can identify the driving forces, helping a business to establish its market position in the country. 

C2C Asia is a team of seasoned professionals from marketing, branding and other related fields. They can read the nerve of the Chinese consumers and can enable international companies to introduce products that could be suitable for the local consumers. They also help plan the advertising and promotional campaigns that can draw the attention of the Chinese population. 

Alexander Agostini, the CEO of C2C Asia reveals, “It’s important that the message is in the local language and is presented in a culturally-appropriate manner. And this is where we play a helpful role, enabling international companies to deliver the right business message with a convincing approach.” 

C2C Asia China Mainland Trading Company intends to play the role of a facilitator and partner when it comes to expanding business prospects to reach new markets. One can learn more about their services and unique capabilities by visiting their website

About C2C Asia China Mainland Corp: 

C2C Asia is committed to delivering informed, consulting services based on a superior industry knowledge, a real understanding of the issues that affect both clients and their customers. The company is acting as a marketing-consulting firm that builds a powerful network and uses this expertise to successfully consult a business. They have the ability to assess the company’s organizational structure and provide recommendations for growing the business without disturbing the culture and the operations. 

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