25, June 2016: A San Marcos, CA's leading feng shui consultant Janet Sandquist has promised all San Marcos business owners she's ready to help them turn their business into money making maqines.

Ms. Sandquist today made the announcement in an article, titled "Make Your Business a Money Magnet" and published on her company's website, http://fengshui4today.com/year-of-the-horse. "With my vast knowledge and experience in Feng Shui, I can accurately assess what your business needs to aqieve the correct balance and positive Qi (energy flow) that will lead your business to becoming the money making magnet it was destined to be," said Sandquist.

The Feng Shui expert promised she is ready to help guide local companies to arrange their office, business area or warehouse to bring "good luck" to those areas. "I can assure you that I am more than capable in making sure the Qi flows smoothly so that each area on the Bagua is nurtured and energized for good luck and prosperity," added Sandquist. She believes the Feng Shui of one's business is even more important now than ever before.

Nothing that the economy was still sagging and experiencing ongoing unrest in many areas of the world - THE YEAR OF THE HORSE, Sandquist sees the tremendous challenges ahead of most local businesses already struggling. In light of the continued struggle and challenges local businesses face, Sandquist offered the following Feng Shui suggestions, if followed, would help local business owners enhance their business.

- Watch for the poison arrows. Just as it's not good for your home to be at the end of a straight road that acts as a poison arrow, it is also unwise to locate your shop or office at the end of a long straight corridor in an office building. If this is the case your office or shop could become a magnet for problems, not money and success. Be sure to put the proper element cures in place if your place of business faces this problem.

- Is your office deep or shallow? In Feng Shui we believe that offices that are "deep" are destined to stay in business for a long time, while ones that are "shallow" and don’t go back too far will have a shorter life span.

- It's all about the flow of energy. So remember when designing your office layout, that the Qi must flow freely; yet not too fast. Clean up old cartons or files to prevent the energy from stagnating and make sure your entryway is clean and inviting with your doors opening inward.

"If followed, many local business owners will begin to see why they are still not wealthy, and soon begin to eliminated the negative wealth programming they had received in their early years," said Sandquist, who believes many are unknowingly sabotaging some of their wealth building efforts.

For additional information about feng shui for business that will help local businesses gain wealth faster and easier, Sandquist recommends visiting her website to read the "Make Your Business A Money Magnet" article in full, and so begin to the "jumpstarting process" to realizing their wealth building efforts.

About Janet Sandquist:

Janet Sandquist calls upon her vast knowledge and experience in Feng Shui to accurately assess what your home, office or property needs to aqieve balance and enhance positive Qi (energy flow). She then guides her clients to arrange their office, business area or warehouse to bring "good luck" to these areas and to make sure the Qi flows smoothly so that each area on the Bagua is nurtured and energized for good luck and prosperity. Contact feng shui consultant Janet Sandquist at http://fengshui4today.com/contact-us.

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