One of the world’s top job sites,, recently announced that Knowledge First Financial, one of Canada’s leading Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) providers, had received an overall 4 star rating based on employee reviews. According to the website, readers can find objective reviews listing both the pros and cons of working at Knowledge First Financial by employees of the company. While most of the reviews are positive, one common complaint by the employees is about the limited amount of resources available to them.

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At, people looking for employment at Knowledge First Financial can find not only job openings but also reviews and complaints by former and current employees. Being one Canada’s top Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) providers, the goal of Knowledge First Financial is to provide savings solutions so as to help and support Canadians pursue post-secondary education. For over five decades, their education savings plans have provided relief for thousands of Canadian families. A representative for Knowledge First Financial stated, “We are committed to helping our clients grow and protect their education savings. With our savings plans our clients can provide their children with the best opportunities to pursue post-secondary education.” To get more information please go to

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