Tustin, California - Banyan Hypnosis Center is more than simply a place to learn how to hypnotize someone. This full-service training center not only offers the best techniques on how to learn hypnosis at www.hypnosis.org but also the very latest in hypnosis training that includes hands-on practice sessions in controlled environments. Students who are training in hypnosis as seen at hypnosis.org will find that they spend a great deal of time working with Cal Banyan and the other professionals at Banyan Training Center to quickly master their craft.

Every year, the professionals at Banyan Hypnosis Center offer hypnosis certification as seen at hypnosis.org to students from around the world using a proven, hands-on training technique that immerses the students in intensive study and real-life application. Students are able to put to the test their newly-acquired skills, resulting in better, well-rounded hypnotists who are able to take their practice into the professional realm.

Many other hypnosis training programs are not as professional as that offered by Banyan Hypnosis Center. In fact, many programs seem to hint that you can learn good hypnosis technique by reading a book or watching a video. Of course, reading and watching videos are an integral part of hypnosis training, but in order to produce strong, professional hypnotists, it is important to go beyond this basic stage. The hands-on training offered through Banyan Hypnosis Center incorporates student practice even for those who attend class remotely. The in-class students work together in real time to give all students an opportunity to experience real-world hypnosis situations and develop problem-solving skills as well as practice hypnosis techniques.

About Banyan Hypnosis Center:

Banyan Hypnosis Center is a professional training center designed to produce quality hypnotherapists. Cal Banyan and his team of well-trained, certified hypnotists take every measure to ensure that they produce quality hypnotists who can then move into the professional hypnosis realm. Mr. Banyan has a master's degree in psychology and offers not only hypnosis classes but also refresher courses and updates, a weekly "Hypno-Tuesday" video series and publications designed to refine the skills of all professional hypnotherapists. Mr. Banyan has received many awards for his work, including Educator of the Year, Certified Hypnosis Instructor of the Year and many others.

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