Tustin, California - Cal Banyan's Hypnosis, Etc., videos at calbanyan.com have been providing great information for professional hypnotists for a long time. However, one topic that Mr. Banyan has not addressed in the past has been that of setting appropriate client boundaries and making accommodations for clients who need them. Now, Cal Banyan's Hypnosis, Etc., videos include a special episode that offers tips for how to determine the right boundaries and enforce them with clients as well as how and when to make special accommodations for clients.

The new video focuses primarily on setting comfortable boundaries with clients. For example, clients should not feel that they can call a hypnotist and demand treatment over the phone. Instead, the hypnotist should make and enforce a rule that the client must come to the office in person in order to receive treatment. This protects both the client and the hypnotist from misunderstandings and allows the hypnotist to see the client in person to assess his or her condition and progress.

The video also discusses the proper way to determine acceptable accommodations for clients with special needs. Cal Banyan's new video on setting appropriate boundaries for clients and making special accommodations will prove useful for almost anyone who uses hypnosis on a professional level as well as for those just learning hypnosis www.hypnosiscenter.com/learn-hypnosis.htm techinques.

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