California, United States; 21, January 2015: There are many women who often face the difficulty of finding shoes in the exact sizes for the best fitting. Plus size women especially complain about the problem, and now an Indiegogo Campaign has been designed to offer them a perfect solution. Lisa Carmichael intends to create Calees Plus Size Womens Shoes store through the campaign and expecting to gather the necessary funding for the purpose very quickly. 

Calees will cater to the women who fail to find Large Size Womens Shoes in department stores. Lisa states, “Calees Begins Where Department Stores End”. She speaks about Calees and says that her shoes store will allow women of any size to maintain her unique style, allowing them to choose shoes that are perfect for them in size, design and style as well as in price. Lisa is confident about the success of the campaign, which will allow her to showcase a large range of Big Shoes, in sizes 9 through 13. 

The campaign is expected to raise a fund of $10,000 for creating the shoe store for plus size women. One may start donating with as little as one dollar only for the success of the cause. Lisa believes that every single dollar will be a huge contribution, helping big size women to enjoy their femininity and walk in style in a pair of appropriate size shoes. However, people can even donate $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations to receive personalized thank you notes and free gifts from Calees. For a donation of $50, one can receive a pair of shoes for free. 

Once the Calees shoes store will be launched, women would be able to exclusively shop for large ladies shoes at a price of just $49.95. The store will offer a large variety of styles from famous brands, allowing Big Feet ladies to stay fashionable with a pair of best-fit shoes that can complement their dressings. To learn more about this Calees Indiegogo campaign or to be a part of it, one may follow the link 

About Calees: 

Calees is a yet to be launched plus size women shoes store. Calees is inviting crowd funding through an Indiegogo campaign for people to contribute for creating the shoes store. Started by Lisa Carmichael, the campaign will accumulate a fund of $10,000 for creating a unique shoe store that will offer a vast range of women shoes in the sizes of 9 through 13. 

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Contact Person: Lisa Carmichael
Telephone: (562)274-1967
Email: [email protected]