An individual learn something new daily, or at least you should TRY! Nowadays I came across an article concluding that there needs to be an established limit placed on the number of canines that Calgary dog hikers can take at one time. A few years back in Toronto the municipality placed a limit of Six dogs per getaway, and it seems an affordable limit. That Calgary has no such limit, a fact I was formerly unaware of, is crazy. Of course there will always be Calgary Dog Walkers who take way too many pups to the park and in doing so, add to the long list of inherent potential risks that accompany such an exercise. There will be an increased chance of fighting, dogs walking around off, more feces on the ground, and total a much less enjoyable environment for all involved.

From what I can tell Calgary does have a law in place that states that most dogs must be held under control at all times. This may be just fine if all dogs in Calgary were far better trained than in any other vacation spot I can think of. It appears Calgary's politicians hold their dogs up to a much higher standard. Guess what? For those who have 12 dogs inside a park at once however well trained they are. One thing is bound to go wrong!

I believe it's time for a wake call out west. C'mon Calgary, for a city that is therefore progressive when it comes to troubles of animal welfare, you'd think this particular matter would have been attended to some time ago.

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