15 July, 2013: For prospecting clients looking for a unique sign to better represent their business: metal and glass are nice but wooden signs can be even more attractive. For one looking for something rustic, yet stylish, he/she might want to consider a sandblasted sign. 

Sandblasted signs are very stylish but can be difficult to construct. They can be made either of wood or high density urethane foam. Even if you decide to use the high density urethane foam instead of the wood, which can be slightly cheaper, you can have it textured to look like real wood. It can make quite a statement and be more personable than a drab metal sign. 

Sandblasted signs are made just as they sound, by spraying the surface with sand and air. This pressure etches whatever words or designs you want onto the surface. To accomplish this you will need to first prep the surface you are going to be using. You need to cut it into the size that you want the completed surface to be. You then need to stencil off the letters and design what you want. Unlike traditional stencils these cover the letters and designs so that you can etch away around what you want the name plate to say and look like. 

Once the sandblasted sign is etched you then need to prime it. Priming will depend on what type of plate you’re making. Whether you choose to hand paint it or air brush it will have an effect on how it needs to be primed. After it is primed then you are ready to paint it. Most of these are hand painted. The detail that is achieved through hand painting cannot be matched by airbrushing. But airbrushing does have effects that hand painting cannot match. It really does depend on what style you are looking for. 

No matter if you have a hand painted or airbrushed sandblasted sign, they are beautiful and can be totally unique. What better way to show off your home or business than with one of these stylish marking plates. For everything from business name, home address to immortalizing your favourite four legged beast you can do just about anything. If you want something extremely personal then one of these could be just the thing for your lifestyle. 

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