Oakland, CA; 31, July 2015: A native of Oakland, California rapper Lunacie grew up listening to everything from new wave to gospel. At a young age, his mother recognized his talent and introduced him to as many styles of music as possible. Citing church music as one of his main musical influences growing up, Lunacie incorporates soulful melodies in his arrangements. An artist by nature, Lunacie also grew up writing poetry and short stories, which play a role in the development of emotional lyrics and ability to create vision through words.

As Lunacie became further acclimated to the world of popular music, he felt that the industry needed a breath of life, an artist willing to deviate from the prescribed sound. In 2005, he produced his first album, the “Underground Disciples Vol. 1” Compilation released by the Empirical Music Company. From there, he began traveling with his own hip hop group, EMC Boyz before focusing on his solo career. He released his debut album “Need No Approval” in 2007, further establishing himself as a prominent name in the field of rap and music production.

Since the release of “Need No Approval”, Lunacie has been a featured producer on a number of popular programs including A&E’s “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewel”, PBS’ “Weird Science”, and VH1’s “40 Greatest Pranks Vol. 2”, and more. And although he experience nominal success from these productions, opening for prolific hip artists such as T.I., Soulja Boy, Mike Jones, Rick Ross, and others, he felt that the only way to receive the proper push to stardom was to create his own record label. This was the birth of Freshout Music Inc., which he formed with a group of former business associates. Together, Lunacie and his affiliates promote and produce the hottest upcoming West coast hip hop artists.

Recorded in a self-built studio using Pro Tools, Lunacie’s music is an unrelenting onslaught of artistic expression. Using his prior experience as an engineer, each track features aggressive beats, polished vocals, and impeccable speed and flow. Each surgically sharp lyric is delivered in seamless fashion, each chorus an anthemic commentary on life and the music industry as seen through his eyes. It is this unique sound and unpredictable live shows that makes Lunacie a truly noteworthy artist and the breath of fresh air that the hip hop world desperately needs more of.

Five Star Music Group and CEP & Founder Darryle James saw something amazing about Lunacie and signed him to their label. Now his best album yet on the Five Star Music Group label, “I’m The Best” is a highly anticipated release due out in late September 2015. The new single “My Chick Better” hit number 33 on the top national independent charts, and is still climbing. The single “Let Me Be The One” will be released, along with a new video in late September. For booking, contact [email protected] or call 925-732-7040. Visit Five Star Music Group online at http://www.fivestarmusicgroup.com

Lunacie also plans to spread his name far and wide through live performances and showcase his engineering skills through his YouTube channel (Lunacie). His previous albums can be found on all major online music vendors as well as his official site, http://www.lunacie.net, and fans can connect with Lunacie on Twitter (#Lunacie), Facebook (thereallunacie), Instagram (reallunacie).

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