The Social Network Art Competition (SNAC—expo) fine art competition and tour is a great opportunity for artists to have their work expertly curated, promoted, and exhibited in select venues worldwide. Awarded artwork is auctioned in an online gallery; proceeds go back to the artists and their communities.

SNAC—expo unites artists and art communities from all over the world through free, online art competitions that are expertly curated and exhibited internationally. SNAC-expo will be announcing upcoming events in Cambodia, India, the Maldives, and in the Middle East.

After two events in the Ukraine and Iran, SNAC-expo has opened artist registration and submission for its current competition featuring contemporary Israeli visual artists throughout the world. Artist registration for the current competition is free and is open to all Israeli citizens through August 30, 2014, at

Artists can upload up to three images of paintings or drawings and are encouraged to share their personal profiles and stories about their work, their medium, and their countries.

What sets SNAC-expo LLC apart from other online art competitions is that each submission is voted on through the SNAC-expo LLC gallery and throughout prominent social networks. Online voting begins September 1, 2014, and is open to everyone.

An expert panel that specializes in the artwork of the participating country or community will curate the semifinalists from the artwork that accrues the most votes across the social network platforms. An international curating board then selects the thirty finalists who will be exhibited at select venues worldwide. Semifinalists and finalists will be announced and their work will be available for purchase beginning October 1, 2014. Proceeds from the sales of the artwork are redistributed directly to the artists and their local communities.

The tour focuses on the artists, the implications of their work, and the communities within which they are creating—either their country of origin or as part of the diaspora—while highlighting the progression from an online, democratic voting process to a expertly curated exhibition, transcending the boundaries of language and geography.

Member registration and competition submission are free. For more information regarding registration, voting, exhibition venues and dates, or if you are interested in purchasing awarded artwork through the online gallery, please visit: or email: [email protected]

About SNAC-expo LLC:

SNAC-expo LLC is an international fine art competition and exhibition that is a great opportunity for artists to have their work expertly curated, promoted, and exhibited in select venues throughout the world, and then auctioned in an online gallery. Each event engages a global audience in preserving and promoting the transformative power of art to connect diverse communities through a unique confluence of social networks, online galleries and the inimitable human experience of art.

CEO and Co-Founder, Guy Clément Cohen, is a world-renowned sculptor who transitioned out of working internationally in the high-tech industry after 35 years to study fine arts. After two successful pilot programs in the Ukraine and Iran, Guy co-founded SNAC-expo LLC with international artist Ali Meamar with the vision of discovering and promoting emerging artists from marginalized communities.

Awarded artwork is exhibited internationally and is available for purchase through the online gallery. Proceeds are redistributed to the artists and invested back into their local communities through caused-based organizations. SNAC-expo LLC unites artists and art communities from all over the world.

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