The popular open stall Stable Market in Camden North London recently announced the launch of its new website. It aims at catering to the needs of shoppers who wants to buy things but do not have time to visit the real market. Customers can now check out for different products ranging from fashion to food and order online. The site is also constantly updated with the latest news and events happening in Stable Market.

The Stable Market is said to be the largest section among the adjoining stalls in Camden Market. According to sources, the place was a horse hospital in the Victorian age and thus the name. Now the place where injured horses were treated is totally given a makeover and made one of the biggest market in Camden. Currently the market houses more than 700 stalls and visited by millions of people from around the globe. From unique to exotic items, visitors can shop for jewelry, accessories, clothing, furniture, etc. Apart from shopping, the market has lots of entertainment where visitors can visit bars and enjoy cold beer and sun, visit photographic exhibitions, or taste different kinds of delicacies from food stalls. It has a gym center where health conscious individuals can indulge in some easy and relaxing exercises. It is said to be one of the hot spot for celebrities and the market also host various music events participated by top chart music artist.

The Stable Market maintains a diverse selection of stalls. Interested traders who want to apply for a unit in the market are welcomed. However, all products are checked based on quality and uniqueness before selling in the market. Traders who own a unit in the market needs to pay weekly basis and are required to open their stalls for a minimum of 5 days. The market is open from 10:00 — 18:00. For more information please go to


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Stable Market is one of the largest existing markets in Camden, North London with over 700 varieties of stalls ranging from food to jewelry, clothing, and furniture. The market now has its own online store visited by millions of online shoppers.

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