The way we dress defines our personality and sends a strong message. Even though online clothing stores are making it easier for us nowadays, grabbing the perfect attire is not always piece of cake, particularly if vintage clothing is what you are looking for. So our question for today is can a girl still find good quality vintage attires online?


We focus our research on the online environment as it makes the perfect place for shopping: simple and fast, comfortable and rewarding, shopping over the internet can take you from Hong Kong to Los Angeles within minutes! And as we all know, vintage style is quite a catch in the City of Angels… But before we get there, our point is that the best place to start your research is the internet!


In order to determine whether there is still room for vintage out there, we should take a look into the way that this style is seen today. So it does not take much of a science in order to understand that vintage clothing has long lost the strong connection with the signature of one famous designer or the attributes of one style. These days, vintage is a mixture of hundreds of different styles and designers, making the perfect binding of ease of wear and elegance, of old and new, of tradition and avant-gardism.


People who resort to vintage do it because they are looking for exclusivity and individuality and they are turning back to previous values. Vintage means elegance brought to perfection through simplicity and it also has another major strength — it is eco friendly, as it encourages preserving fabrics and reusing old resources. Taking all these into account and considering that eco is also hot and fashionable, it looks like vintage can still make a career.


If you will make a little research for yourself, or if you are into fashion news, you will easily discover a major debate topic on whether vintage can still sustain self-expression or it turns to mainstream. Until the connoisseurs will come to a conclusion, we can focus on giving to everyone interested hints on where can you find vintage these days.


For starters, we need to specify that even though retro clothes are the real oldies but goldies, most of the vintage pieces have been worn and later brought to sales. If you do not fancy the idea of embracing second hand clothes, despite their quality and high fashion sense, you can reorient yourself. So instead of authentic vintage clothing, try to find some vintage inspiration.


Second hand stores with clothing articles, vintage shops, car boot sales, antique markets, vintage fashion fairs and charity shops are some of the best places to shop for oldies. But again, we suggest you to stick to the sound and safe online clothing stores and look for anything labeled as vintage, be it all retro or just of retro inspiration. Polka dots, stripes, embroideries and beads, A line simple dresses with one or two major accents are just a few elements you can look after. Bottom line, as long as you are really motivated, you have plenty of options to choose from!



Vintage clothing through online clothing stores is accessible and fun to purchase. You can take a look in here and see where it takes you!