Plastic Surgery is in vogue these days. Especially facial cosmetic surgery procedures, which are worthwhile turning the years back on face, are in huge demand among men and women from all walks of life. With rising demand of facial cosmetic surgery procedures, many people have different queries of the sort, ‘Can I have a rhinoplasty and facelift together?’ or ‘Is it safe to undergo combined facial procedures at once?’ The answer to such questions is a big YES!

Experts say, with extended anesthesia, one can surely have facelift and rhinoplasty in one go. Many people seek facelift and rhinoplasty together if they have sagging facial skin or deep wrinkles on the face along with misshapen or deviated nasal septum. The procedures also correct other signs of aging such as lose facial skin, lost muscle tone, humps or indentations or other nose proportion issues.

Thus with the combination of the two procedures, one can get smooth and taut skin on the face and neck which shall make you look younger and fresher than before & a nose that completely suits your face. The combined procedures can give your face the complete makeover that you have been looking for years.

Before undergoing the two procedures, one must introspect if he/ she is the right candidate for the two surgeries, are the goals realistic and what sort of services would conform to the person’s budget. Some of the most common concerns people have while undergoing the two procedures together are — what are the pros and cons associated with the surgery, when will I completely recover and how would I look after the two surgeries.

If one has decided to undergo rhinoplasty with facelift surgery, the next step is to choose the right surgeon, a good hospital facility and other factors affecting the rhinoplasty cost abroad & facelift surgery cost.  Combining the two plastic surgeries would mean shelling out a lot of money in countries like USA, UK, Canada or other western countries. To overcome the cost constraints, people have started moving for cosmetic surgery abroad.

Traveling to India for cosmetic surgery is a well known phenomenon. Since ages, people have been traveling abroad to India to avail health care services. Getting cosmetic surgery in India means — getting surgery done by best plastic surgeons in the world at best of hospital facilities, which provide uncompromised quality treatment at very affordable cost. The facelift surgery cost in India is much lesser than what one has to pay in UK, USA or other Western countries. Owing to the expertise of plastic surgeons, availability of medical treatment at state-of-the art hospitals & low costs, people in great numbers come to India for facial procedures.

Now if one has decided to avail plastic surgery in India, one must look at all the factors regulating treatment in India. Be it plastic surgeon, accommodation facility or hospital facility, one must do thorough research prior to undergoing the surgeries in India.

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