Can Love be Complete without Physical or Emotional Connect

 Emotional Atyachaaralong with ShudhDesi Romance Cast Pareeniti and Vaanibrings you the tale of a boy who‘s love was stuck in this dilemma


It’s said that love is complete with emotional compatibility, which wasn’t the case in this week’s episode of Emotional Atyachaar. This is exactly the story of a young French student, Karan, for whom Sabrina was the love at first sight. Sabrina, who belonged to a French-Indian origin, was a complete head turner, and Karan immediately fell for her and anonymously left ‘sweet nothings’ with roses for her at the French classes. Sabrina was not unaware of Karan’s notes and they eventually started dating.


Things were great for a while but it all started going downhill when Karan met Sabrina’s friend, Patrick, who was Sabrina’s mentor at a support group that helped her during her recovery. Patrick insisted on speaking in French and his comment on Karan left the latter amazed and annoyed. Soon after Sabrina moved in with Karan, she had to go to Chandigarh and was going to stay in a hotel where, unknown to her, a friend of Karan’s worked. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that Sabrina never checked into the hotel. On her return, Karan noticed several things about Sabrina that struck him as odd.As soon as he would enter the bedroom, she would shut down her laptop and always deleted her browsing history. Karan was already doubtful about Sabrina when Sachin, a friend of hers came over to stay. Seeing the extreme awkwardness between the two, when an opportunity produced itself, Karan sent Sabrina a text message from Sachin’s phone, the reply to which cleared all doubts and confirmed his suspicions about Sabrina.


To find out what really happened, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday, August31,  at 7pm only on bindass


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