South Korea - During the snowy winter in Korea, these down jackets should be the essential part of each people during the daily life. Before the advent of winter during each year, there will be a lot of down jackets that sold in this cold country. However, for these down businesses, last year’s down jackets selling situation seems somewhat special because South Korea is now spread by the buying boom for the super-expensive jacket such as canada goose norge . The more surprising point of this trend is that the main buyers of these high-end jackets are actually these high school students of Korea.

The report from famous CANADA GOOSE online guide platform Norge Oslo BBS learned from South Korea that the Korean becomes the first four language of the genuine CANADA GOOSE official website. However, the Canada goose should say thanks in Korea middle and high school students’ CANADA GOOSE purchasing boom.

From now on, the CANADA GOOSE official website only provides the languages of English, French, German and Korean four languages. However, there are no other languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and others which have been provided by this famous winter jackets brand official website.

This is due to the setting off of the purchasing boom for ultra-expensive jacket in South Korea. One set of the nike sko norge could be priced more than 1 million won. And, the monthly revenues of this brand winter jacket in Jamsil Lotte Department Store and AVENUEL store revenues were more than 700 million won. Lotte Department Store categorizes these brands which could reach to the average monthly revenue of 300 million won as the successful brand. However, the CANADA GOOSE is more successful brand among their related same products.

Recently, the New World Emart held the activities which sell the CANADA GOOSE parka which original price is 1.25 million won to 900,000 won. This promotion activity in Korea for CANADA GOOSE has already attracted more and more interested people. The preparation of 800 sets of jacket has already been sold out.

In addition to Korea, the Canada goose has successfully entered into other countries such as China, Southeast Asia countries, Russia and others. In the near future, this brand will also promote more and more affordable products for most of people around the world. For more information, please visit the famous Canada goose brand purchasing guide platform

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